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Upholstery Cleaning Edinburgh

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Rated 5/5 by 87+ of our Edinburgh upholstery cleaning customers

Cleaner, healthier upholstery
by a trusted local company

The best upholstery cleaning Edinburgh has to offer. Our Edinburgh sofa cleaners will will make your upholstery cleaner, brighter, healthier and make you proud once again

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Upholstery ready for use within 4 hours causing minimal disruption to your day

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Fresher, healthier upholstery with our child & pet friendly products

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100% satisfaction money back guarantee

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“Amazing job done by Sean, my couch is like new 😍 great service would highly recommend!”

Danielle Johnston, Edinburgh, Facebook review

Our Edinburgh sofa cleaning service

A cleaner sofas you can be proud of in 3 simple steps

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Sofa cleaning service

We arrive on time & deliver a fantastic cleaning experience

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Cleaner, healthier sofa

You enjoy a cleaner space you can be proud of once again


The Edinburgh upholstery cleaning company customers keep coming back for

Why local customers love our sofa cleaning service

Trusted as the go-to experts for upholstery cleaning in Edinburgh, we pride ourselves on the number of customers who repeatedly use our service.

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Great value for money

Maximise your furniture’s life and beauty with our affordable upholstery cleaning service. We use eco friendly methods for deep, effective cleaning, ensuring lasting freshness and value in every session.

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Sofas stay cleaner for longer

Using our unique, eco-friendly approach not only deep cleans but also ensures your furniture stays cleaner for longer, offering unmatched value and enduring freshness.

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Minimal disruption to your day

Utilising a specialised cleaning method for upholstery that ensures a quicker drying process, meaning your furniture will be ready for use much sooner, allowing you to enjoy your refreshed space soon after.

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Fresher, healthier sofa

You and your family are in safe hands. We exclusively use the safest, non-toxic cleaning solutions available. After our visit, you and your loved ones can breathe easy, knowing you’re in a cleaner, healthier home.

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Your home treated with respect

Experience a respectful approach to upholstery cleaning. Our service prioritises treating your home with utmost care, ensuring every cleaning session leaves your space and furniture looking immaculate, with lasting respect and attention to detail.

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Guaranteed results

Be confident when you hire BDS Pro Clean for carpet cleaning in Edinburgh, you’re carpets will be treated to a thorough, deep down carpet clean extracting all the dirt, dust, dust mites and all else that lurks between the fibres of your carpets.

Upholstery Cleaning in Edinburgh

What you get from our Edinburgh
upholstery cleaning service:

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Child & pet friendly sofa cleaning

We provide outstanding upholstery cleaning using premium, family safe products. Rest assured, your home is treated with the finest, non-toxic solutions for fantastic results without any harsh chemicals.

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Cleaner, healthier carpets

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Safe for your home

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Safe for your whole family

Sofa cleaning without the hassle

Our efficient upholstery cleaning service minimises disruption, featuring a speedy process and quick drying, so your space is ready for use much sooner.

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Efficient cleaning process

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Room back in use straight away

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Upholstery typically dry within 1 - 2 hours

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Professional and friendly service

Invite us into your home with confidence, knowing you’re choosing genuine local experts who value your long-term patronage. With BDS, expect skilled, experienced, and friendly upholstery cleaning service every time.

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We’re all friendly local people

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A decade of combined experience

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Trained by the National Carpet Cleaners Association

Top of the range equipment

Your upholstery will receive a first-class cleaning service, courtesy of our state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring impeccable results every time.

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Deep down carpet cleaning

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Dry in under 2 hours

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Kills dust mites, germs & bacteria

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Brilliant results for a fair price

Like you, we understand the value of hard-earned money. That’s why, when you choose our upholstery cleaning service, we’re committed to providing you with the best service at a fair price.

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Upholstery stay cleaner for longer

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We carefully move the furtniture so you don’t have to

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We protect your furniture & floors

100% Satisfaction money back guarantee

A promise from Sean, the owner: “If you’re not satisfied with our work, I’ll personally ensure we return promptly to rectify the situation. If you’re still not happy, we’ll refund every penny, guaranteed.

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No risk on your behalf

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Brilliant results every time

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Absolute peace of mind

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“…will definitely use again.”

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“Delighted with our freshly cleaned living room carpet and upholstery. Communication was excellent throughout and will definitely use again. Thanks Sean. 😀”

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Claire Elizabeth, Edinburgh, Facebook review

Over 1,987+ Edinburgh residents used BDS Pro Clean to revitalise their upholstery

Here’s what some of them had to say about our upholstery cleaning services

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Check out our upholstery cleaning FAQs

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Why is professional upholstery cleaning necessary, and how does it differ from DIY cleaning?

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Professional upholstery cleaning is essential to maintain your furniture's appearance, hygiene, and longevity.

Upholstered items can accumulate dust, dirt, allergens, and stains over time, affecting their overall condition and appearance.

While DIY cleaning methods may seem convenient, they often need more effectiveness and thoroughness of professional cleaning.

Professional upholstery cleaners have the expertise, specialised equipment, and cleaning solutions to clean various upholstery fabrics safely and effectively without causing damage or colour fading.

They understand the intricacies of upholstery care, ensuring your furniture remains clean, fresh, and well-preserved.

How often should I have my upholstery professionally cleaned?

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The frequency of professional upholstery cleaning depends on factors such as usage, the presence of pets or allergies, and the specific upholstery fabric.

As a general guideline, most upholstery benefits from professional cleaning every 12 to 24 months.

However, high-traffic areas or households with pets and allergies may require more frequent cleaning, typically every 6 to 12 months.

Regular inspections and attention to signs of soiling, odours, or stains are essential to determine the appropriate cleaning schedule for your upholstery.

Is professional upholstery cleaning safe for all types of fabrics, including delicate and vintage materials?

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Yes, professional upholstery cleaning is safe for a wide range of upholstery fabrics, including delicate and vintage materials.

Skilled technicians are trained to identify the specific fabric and tailor their cleaning methods accordingly.

They use gentle yet effective techniques and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure that even the most delicate and valuable upholstery items are cleaned without causing damage, shrinkage, or colour bleeding.

Whether you have cotton, silk, velvet, linen, or vintage upholstery, professional cleaners have the expertise to handle them with care.

Can professional upholstery cleaning effectively remove tough stains and odors from furniture?

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Absolutely professional upholstery cleaning is highly effective at removing tough stains, odours, and contaminants from the furniture.

Trained technicians have access to specialised upholstery cleaning solutions and equipment designed to tackle a wide range of stains, including pet stains, wine spills, food residues, and more.

More care must be taken if your upholstery is made from natural fibres like cotton or linen.

Additionally, a professional upholstery cleaning can eliminate unpleasant odours that may develop over time, leaving your furniture looking, smelling, and feeling refreshed.

Are there any long-term benefits to choosing professional upholstery cleaning?

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Yes, professional upholstery cleaning offers several long-term benefits:

1. It extends the lifespan of your upholstered furniture by removing contaminants that can weaken and degrade upholstery fabrics.

2. It preserves the original appearance and colour vibrancy of the upholstery, ensuring that it continues to look its best for years to come.

3. Professional cleaning can prevent the development of allergens, mould, or other harmful conditions that can compromise the quality of your upholstery and affect indoor air quality.

4. Regular professional upholstery cleaning helps maintain the value of your sofas, making them more appealing if you ever decide to sell or pass them down.

What types of fabrics of upholstery can be professionally cleaned?

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Professional upholstery cleaning services are designed to cater to a wide variety of fabrics, ensuring the safe and effective cleaning of different upholstery types. Commonly cleaned fabrics include but are not limited to:

1. Natural Fabrics: These include cotton, linen, silk, and wool. Professional upholstery cleaners use methods that preserve the delicate fibres of these materials while effectively removing dirt and stains.

2. Synthetic Fabrics: Materials like polyester, nylon, and acrylic are also frequently cleaned. Synthetic fabrics are known for their durability, and professional upholstery cleaning helps maintain their appearance and longevity.

3. Blends: Many upholstery pieces are made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres. Professional cleaning accounts for the unique characteristics of these blends, ensuring thorough cleaning without causing damage.

4. Microfibre: Microfibre upholstery is popular for its durability and stain-resistant properties. Professional upholstery cleaners are trained to clean microfibre effectively without compromising its texture or functionality.

5. Velvet, Chenille, and Jacquard: These luxurious upholstery fabrics require careful handling due to their unique textures. Professional upholstery cleaners have the expertise and equipment to clean these fabrics without flattening or distorting their patterns.

6. Suede and Alcantara: These delicate materials are known for their softness and texture. Professional upholstery cleaning involves specialised methods to retain their unique feel and appearance.

7. Speciality Fabrics: Some upholstery fabrics may have special treatments or finishes. Professional upholstery cleaners can identify these treatments and select appropriate cleaning techniques to ensure the fabric's integrity.

Professional upholstery cleaners have the knowledge and experience to assess the fabric type and choose the most suitable cleaning method and products.

They use specialised equipment and techniques to clean upholstery thoroughly while preserving its colour, texture, and structural integrity.

Regular professional cleaning not only enhances the appearance of your upholstery but also extends its lifespan and ensures a clean and healthy living environment.

Is professional upholstery cleaning environmentally friendly?

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Yes, we prioritise eco-friendly and sustainable practices. We use upholstery cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment and employ responsible disposal methods for cleaning waste.

If you have concerns about the environmental impact of our upholstery cleaning, you can inquire by giving us a call on  07342 645905.

How long does the professional upholstery cleaning process typically take?

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The duration of the upholstery cleaning process varies depending on factors such as the size and condition of the furniture, the type of upholstery fabric, and the specific cleaning methods required.

In most cases, cleaning a sofa can take anywhere between 1 - 3 hours.

Larger sofa or items in need of extensive restoration may take longer. However, professional cleaners work efficiently to minimise downtime and return your furniture to you as quickly as possible.

Do you offer a warranty for your upholstery cleaning services?

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Absolutely! We offer a warranty for our upholstery cleaning services to give you confidence in the excellence of our work.

In the unlikely event that you find yourself not completely satisfied with the outcome, we will readily return to re-clean your upholstery without any additional cost.

Should you still not be content after the re-cleaning, we will swiftly refund the entire payment you made.

Our primary goal is to ensure that our customers enjoy impeccably cleaned and well-maintained upholstery, and our satisfaction guarantee reaffirms our commitment to your peace of mind and overall satisfaction with our services.

Is professional upholstery cleaning cost-effective compared to the potential cost of upholstery replacement?

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Yes, professional upholstery cleaning is a cost-effective investment when compared to the potential cost of replacing upholstery that has become soiled, stained, or worn.

Quality furniture can be expensive to replace, and regular professional upholstery cleaning not only extends the life of your sofa but also helps you avoid the significant expense of buying new sofa.

It's a wise choice that allows you to continue enjoying your cherished upholstery for years while maintaining its original quality and appearance.

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Recommended by your Edinburgh neighbours

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“Would highly recommend this company. They answered my initial enquiry same day and are friendly, professional and efficient. I am absolutely delighted with the difference”

Linda, Edinburgh, Google review

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